sold out + more

it’s official! we’re sold out of dvds.

after barely a year since its release, our little independent film has done and continues to do the job it was intended to do: inspire, encourage and stimulate conversation. the feedback i’ve received over the last year has been overwhelming and i’m humbled that an idea that hatched on an innocent walk in kingston blossomed into a catalyst for so many. thanks to everyone who’s played a part so far.

here are a few things you need to know as we move forward:

*i’m still available for screenings, conferences, coaching sessions or even a coffee or phone call. there are still conversations that need to be had.

*there is an outside possibility of a follow up to OSFA? detailing all that’s transpired since the filming and release of the movie. this may be a web only release…not sure…either way, lots has gone down and been learned. i’d love to share that info with those interested. just need to gauge interest and find the right medium.

*at present, there is no intention to do a 3rd run of the dvd/cd. however, the possibility of a bulk order (100+) could be easily accommodated. in the meantime, there are two places on the web where you can still pick up the last remnants. check out the Goodbye Generation site, and in the near future, we’re going to list it exclusively through it’s the easiest and most cost effective way to go at this point.

*if you enjoyed the original soundtrack performed by Driving on City Sidewalks, you’ll be glad to hear that they’re working on new material and have some live shows lined up. find out more here.

*on a side note, a new film idea hit the whiteboard last week. so much hits the white board around here, but i think this one has legs.

thanks everyone. this story’s not over.