Out of the Woodwork & Into the Limelight Written on January 20, 2009, by .

The pendulum is beginning to swing both ways for OSFA? as the film is beginning to stir conversation on both ends of the proverbial spectrum. Out of the Woodowork *Ministers and gospel enthusiasts in rural settings have contacted me asking if I have any thoughts or am aware of new and evolving expressions of church […]

Keeping You in the Loop Written on January 6, 2009, by .

*Check out the new Webshort featuring Greg Paul from Sanctuary in Toronto. The piece is titled ‘The Treasure of the Church’. *If you’ve seen the film, you’ve experienced the free-styling ways of Cyril Gurette, aka Ill Seer, aka Pastor at Freedomize Toronto. As an experimental side project, we’ll be hauling our gear to Port Huron, […]