Lots to report on as we conclude the production phase of One Size Fits All?.

*Trailer One: In the ‘About’ section of the website, you’ll be a be able to view the first trailer for the film.

*Pressing: As of yesterday, the master copies of the DVD/CD set have been mailed off. We’re expecting delivery of the first run of 500 copies on December 3rd.

*Web Shorts: We’ve added a new feature to the website where you’ll be able to see snippets of footage that are exclusive to the website and do not appear in the film. Expect the first short sometime next week.

*Soundtrack: As you may already know, each DVD purchase includes a CD of the film’s original soundtrack (by Driving on City Sidewalks), and as an added bonus, we’ve decided to also include the tunes that will appear on the Web Shorts. All in all, there will be a total of 10 tracks on the disc.

*PayPal: In the Store section of the site, you are now able to pre-order your copy of One Size Fits All?

*Showings: A new date has been added for February 2009. Also, if you’re interested in hosting a screening or training session, seeing the Booking section of this site.

*First Screening: Our first public screening is coming up on December 5 at the Youth Specialties Conference in Toronto.