Willowed, Fitched, Recorded & Edited

Had to the privilege of spending the the weekend in Kelowna, BC chatting it up about the doc and showing new clips for Willow Creek’s Nova Conference. Met some very good people, lots of encouraging words and, as always, treated very well by Willow’s team.

Now that the clips and my thoughts are are more refined, it’s been exhilarating to have people interact with the stories and ideas. My sense is that people are genuinely encouraged and are left with a sense of hope. Nearing the end of this long process I have a sense of validation…partly because of all the time/effort/resources invested in this project, but more than that, I can see the doc fulfilling its intended goal of encouraging and informing. I also hope that the planters and communities will feel the same thing. I wonder if there’s anything else I/we can do for them…

In other news, I had the opportunity to have coffee with David Fitch this morning as he was driving through Sarnia. Among other things, something he said in passing caught my attention: “The first 5 years [in church planting] is about survival.” Take that how you will.

Also, Driving on City Sidewalks has completed and mastered their recordings that will appear as a soundtrack to the film, and as a second bonus disc when the documentary is released.

In addition, my friend Troy from Trantz is helping me go over the film with the a fine toothed comb this week…colour correction, sound, edits, etc. I’m also going to send a copy to my friend in California, David DiSabatino for his two cents. Dave’s completed docs include Frisbee and the forth coming Fallen Angel. Check ‘em out if you can.

Lastly, just got off the phone with Jeff Anton, the graphic designer. All is on schedule to get the package to press for November 15.

We’re almost there…