In conjunction with the filming, there have been some other pieces to this project that have been coming together behind the scenes. Take this opportunity to bring yourself up to speed…

Driving on City Sidewalks is currently writing and recording original compositions for the film. As an added bonus, the entire soundtrack will be included as a second disc when the film is released.

Visual artist and graphic designer Jeff Anton has created ‘the look’ for OSFA?. His work will adorn the dvd jacket, discs and posters. We decided to go with a recognizably Canadian icon – the no name brand feel and colours – as the basis for the artwork then smeared it with an iconic depiction of Jesus. Let the philosophizing begin.

OSFA poster_fa.indd

New Website

Expect to see a new incarnation of this site in August to prepare for the Fall launch of the film.

Willow Creek Leadership Summit Canada
The good people at Willow Creek have requested some promo material for each of their twenty sites at the upcoming summit. If you’re attending, you’ll be able to pre-order your copy on site.

Youth Specialties

There will be a showing of OSFA? with Q&A session to follow at this year’s Canadian Youth Workers Conference held in Toronto on December 4-7. YS is a solid organization and it’s an honour to be included in this event.