Willowpeg & More

Two weekends ago I presented some of my findings at Willow Creek Canada’s Nova Experience conference. Fusing clips, quotes and connecting the dots that tie these new expressions together and highlighting what separates them from their forerunners, I outlined the session under these major themes: Balancing Tradition & Innovation; Telling the Old Story with New Metaphors; A Theology of Space and Time.

In other news, WCC and I have come to an agreement where they will become the official publisher of OSFA?. So when the project is released, it will be available through their publications and conferences as well as from this site. The project will drop in the Fall of 2008.

Also, three weekends ago, I was in Winnipeg for a total of 4 hrs. capturing the story of St. Benedict’s Table to film. Jamie Howison and crew have added another interesting piece to the puzzle. At St. Benedict’s, high Anglican tradition and progressive praxis are embodied in the imagery of a well worn table and a shared meal. Holding their gatherings in one of Winnipeg’s oldest Anglican church buildings (All Saints Anglican Church), they describe themselves as a “eucharistic, baptisimal and biblical community…experiencing Advent spirituality: always on the hinge between the old and the new, the known and the unknown to which God is drawing us.”

And finally, another (very rough!) clip that I’ve showcased recently…Rob Abbot from theGig in Kitchener, Ontario. Enjoy.

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