Then There Were Six

We’ve finally lined up what may be the last pieces of this puzzle. Here’s who we’re going to see and when:

February 28 – Freedomize, Toronto, ON: David McGhee & Cyril Gurette

April 7 – St. Benedict’s Table, Winnipeg, MB: Jaimie Hoiwison

Summer ’08 – Rothesay Vineyard, Rothesay, NB: David Hayward

Summer ’08 – Real Ministries, Cape Breton, NS: Dave Sawler

Summer ’08 – Pax North, Halifax, NS: Brad Sommers

Summer ’08 – the FRWY, Hamilton, ON: Pernell Goodyear

The canon is not officially closed on this project, so if you have any other leads, please send them our way: joe [at]