With the Imagine conference less than a week away, I’ve had to buckle down and begin sifting through the twenty hours of film that we shot over the last six months to put some short clips together. My tools: A beefed up Mac G4 on loan from theStory (Nathan begrudgingly yet masterfully put it all together), my trusty white board and an old school kitchen table circa 1955 that I picked up this week for $15 to support the weight of the desktop and its enormous monitors.

I’m on a steep learning curve with Final Cut Pro as I’ve never tackled a project of this size before. But thanks to trial and error and online tutorials, I’m well on my way.

In other news…

*Next week we’re going to reveal the name of the doc. Also, I’ve got a good friend of mine working on some artwork and branding for the project. That should be ready for next week too.

*The soundtrack for this project will be original works by Canadian artists – friends from Calgary and Sarnia – and there’s still some room for others, so if you’ve got something that you think may fit, send it my way: joe [at] thestory.ca.

*Next Saturday we’ll have the camera at the Cultivate Learning Party at the FRWY in Hamilton. I think gatherings like this are also an important part of the new and evolving forms of church in Canada. I hear there are a few spots still open. If you can, do yourself a favour and be there.

*Just today we agreed to participate in Willow Creek Canada’s upcoming leadership conference in April. I’ll be doing a main stage session about our findings, and a couple of breakout sessions as well.

If you’re at the Ottawa or Hamilton events next week, make sure you say hello.