Nathan and I left Sarnia this morning and met up with Jared in Kitchener at noon. We should have been in Hamilton last night at the FRWY and Pernell should have been with us this week, but unfortunately he was no longer able to be with us this time out. You can read the details here. Pray for his family.

Here’s the skinny from today…

theGig makes their home in a rented theater at the base of a commercial building in downtown Kitchener. Self described as a “gathering place for community and a stage for the arts”, theGig funds itself by the rock shows they host and promote. Rob Abbott, the church planter, spoke about how this idea has made them genuine connections with the arts community while simultaneously alienating them from some Christians and church organizations. Undeterred, theGig continues to follow through on their mandate, believing that their role is to help point artists and musicians to Jesus.

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Later on in the afternoon, we met up with Dom Ruso, lead pastor of The Embassy, a student church nestled between the campuses of Sir Wilfred Laurier and the University of Waterloo. In existence since 1998, The Embassy plays the role of creating sacred space for university students who are away from home. Ruso explained that their unique situation carries with it both excellent opportunity, and annoying drawbacks. The good: The Embassy is in a position to influence students that will one day be grads, who will one day move on potentially influencing other churches and communities with what they’ve gleaned and experienced from The Embassy. The bad: Every four years there is a complete turn over in students and leadership. Regardless, they see their role as journeying with students at this pivotal time in their lives.

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And now, as we look to retire for the evening, Jared is working madly with soldering iron in hand trying to rig together a cable for our mic set up…a fine lad that Jared is…

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Next Stop: Kingston