Je Me Souviens

We had 4 interviews slated for Montreal, but unfortunately due to circumstances outside our control, we were unable to meet with David Brazzeal from Curieux. We will, however, catch up with him sometime next month.

Nevertheless, here’s who we did meet up with, each lending another view of what’s happening in Canada:

The Open Door

Kim Reid, the planter, explained that he never had the intention of planting a church, rather, the group of people that informally met at his house on a weekly basis naturally evolved into a church community now called The Open Door. No surveys, interviews, coaching or strategic planning – just a group of people that met to spend time together and talk about the scriptures. Today, housed in a space that serves as a youth drop in center during the week, Reid leads this community that he classifies as a family where “Once you’re in, you’re in.”



Nick Brotherwood and the Emerge community occupy a unique piece to this documentary. At 57 years of age he is the oldest planter, plus, Emerge is part of the Anglican church in Canada which makes them the first mainline church that we’ve encountered. Fusing tradition and relevance has been no easy task, but Brotherwood seems to be both loyal to the essence of Anglicanism while also pointed in how the gospel must be re-languaged for today. Interestingly, their space is a rented cluster of rooms in downtown Montreal’s underground mall that sits directly below a 150 year old Gothic style, Anglican church – Let the interpretation and philosophizing begin…


The Gathering Cafe

Back in 2000 while working in a traditional church setting, David Manafo created an alternative space for people who had questions and queries about life, church and God that weren’t being entertained by anyone, anywhere. Thus, the Gathering Cafe was birthed out of this idea of meeting people, whether Christian or not, where they were at and entertaining the hard questions. Over its 7 year existence, they’ve met once a month, and created a cafe atmosphere (including desserts and coffee) to help point spiritually curious Montrealers to Jesus.


Thanks and Notes

*A big thanks to the planters for taking time out of their schedules to meet up with us. It was great getting to know you all!

*Thanks to the Tosh’s and Manafo’s who housed us along the way. Your hospitality and company made our downtime both fun and restful.

*An apology to Kim Reid for not hanging out on Wednesday night. It was totally Jared’s fault.

*For you nerdy types out there, we drove a total of 2000kms this week on about $85 worth of gas. You really should consider getting one of these.