From the Nation's Capital

The Glebe community is a former blue collar neighbourhood turned trendy district. The average house price has gone from $150k to $600k in just over a decade, and the complexion of the community has completely changed. A block from the main drag dwells the Ecclesiax community in a building they inherited from a congregation that didn’t survive the urban renewal.

If there ever was a poster child for all things artsy in Canadian emerging church circles, Ecclesiax would be it. The best part is that this distinction is in no way forced. Creativity oozes from every pore and paintbrush. Planted and led by Joseph Moreau, who in a previous life was graphic designer by trade, is adamant that the church reflect the neighbourhood it’s a part of, and Ecclesiax does just that.

The current installation in their gallery is not only a stunning piece of art, but also voices their missional work with the Cree Nation of Nemaska, Quebec. Suspended upside down from the ceiling are the remains of trees ravaged, yet preserved, by a forest fire in Nemaska. The point of the piece was for people to get a sense of the landscape and remind them of the redemptive work they are a part of.



Harmonizing the arts, high church and street savvy connections, Ecclesiax is truly embodying what it means to be the church in their culture and context.

Unfortunately this is the best picture we snapped of JoMo…it’s mostly Jared’s fault.