Saskatoon: A Local and National Component

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jordon Cooper to talk about Church of the Exiles, a church plant in its embryonic stage that he co-leads and a distinctly Canadian, online conversation that connects churches and church leaders that he helped found and now curates.

What intrigued me most about his take on Exiles was the pace at which they’re planting. For a number of reasons, new churches are often put together in a hasty fashion, but not this one. I would describe their inaugural efforts as well thought out and their modus vivendi as ‘within their means’.

As for Resonate, my infatuation with the role of the internet in this new age of church was further stimulated. Creating and cultivating both virtual and physical connections across this broad and diverse country was not possible 15 years ago, but with the advent of the information super highway that we all ride as part of our daily routine, Resonate was the original civil engineer on all things emergent in Canada. An important role it has, and continues to play.

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