Part of the risk of embarking on an adventure like this is the fact that you just don’t know what kind of people you’re going to meet…but today, that risk paid off.

Wednesday we met some high quality individuals from The Palace, Poasis & Not only did we have the chance to hear their stories, but they welcomed us in like family, gave us a tour of their fair city and threw a BBQ in our honour. As childlike as it may sound, what really stood out to me was that as a follower of Jesus I had brothers and sisters in the faith that I had never met before, who love God like I do, and that are enthralled with his Kingdom like I am.

Thanks to James and Hilary for their exceptional hospitality and for organizing our day (Check out James’ excellent freelance work at Young Lions of Pop); to Ron for his encouraging demeanor and also for the locally brewed ‘cold ones'; to Randy and Simon and to the good people from The Place & Poasis.

And for the record, Victoria is a beautiful city. I love Canada.