West Coast Wrap Up Written on June 18, 2007, by .

What a trip. Jeremy and I haven’t spent this much consecutive time together since I worked at Westside King’s in Calgary. Trapped in a sub-par American automobile for nearly 30 hours can do a number on a friendship – thankfully, ours survived. It was good to catch up, laugh, fight, talk about everything under the […]

Mission Written on June 10, 2007, by .

We spent the day with Scott Williams and the crew at Club365 – what an interesting piece to the puzzle that we’re putting together. With Club365 we found a genuine expression of church – Mission BC style: no pretenses, what you see is what you get – it was refreshing. We then hit the road, […]

Vancouver – Part Two Written on June 9, 2007, by .

Vancouver – Part One Written on June 8, 2007, by .

Today we met up with Kyle Martin and Kristin Cato from the Open House. They in turn introduced us to members of their church community and to the thinking and practice behind their efforts in east Vancouver. Combining the elements of community living, house church/Sunday church and genuine neighbourhood involvement, the Open House is weaving […]

Victoria Written on June 7, 2007, by .

Part of the risk of embarking on an adventure like this is the fact that you just don’t know what kind of people you’re going to meet…but today, that risk paid off. Wednesday we met some high quality individuals from The Palace, Poasis & Emergent.ca. Not only did we have the chance to hear their […]

Calgary to Vancouver Written on June 6, 2007, by .

We were up at 6:45am this morning, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we didn’t hit the road ’til noon. We stopped a couple of times for gas (our ‘upgrade’ Chevy Cobalt likes to drink) and made a 2hr stop in Kelowna to meet up for dinner with our good friends Dallas and Annie. […]

Day One & Two Written on June 5, 2007, by .

Yesterday morning was the first stop on this west coast swing. At around 9:48am I pulled into the Royal Alberta Museum to make some new friends with the folks of the Urban Bridge Church. I shot some film of their gathering, collected a few impromptu interviews with members of the community, then went out to […]

Lights//Camera//Action Written on June 1, 2007, by .

This week we finally set out to capture the first stories to film. For those watching from home, here’s the breakdown: Sunday I’ll be in Edmonton with the good people of The Urban Bridge (www.urbanbridgechurch.com) Monday I’ll be in Calgary with some good friends. Tuesday morning, Jeremy and I head out from Calgary to the […]