Getting Ready

Last week the four of us, Joe Manafo, Pernell Goodyear, Jared Siebert and myself (Nathan Colquhoun) met at the FRWY in Hamilton to do the initial brainstorming for the documentary and I have a hard time going anywhere without my camera. Besides the obvious distractions like anything Macintosh, and great coffee I think we got a lot done. We also had some horrible Chinese food. Canned lemon thrown on frozen chicken = Lemon Chicken. Have you ever done a documentary before? What are some good ideas you’ve seen? Hopefully this project can be a collection of our thoughts and yours, so send in your ideas or comments or let us know if you are a church that might fit what we are looking for.

Pernell Goodyear

Jared Siebert

Joe Manafo