Ear to the Ground Written on January 16, 2007, by .

After a week of word of mouth advertising and the friendly help of bloggers from across our country, we have our first leads. BC and Ontario have been the most vocal so far, but we’ve also heard from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Quebec. Curiously absent are the east coast provinces, and the Territories. What’s going […]

Getting Ready Written on January 16, 2007, by .

Last week the four of us, Joe Manafo, Pernell Goodyear, Jared Siebert and myself (Nathan Colquhoun) met at the FRWY in Hamilton to do the initial brainstorming for the documentary and I have a hard time going anywhere without my camera. Besides the obvious distractions like anything Macintosh, and great coffee I think we got […]

A New Project Written on January 9, 2007, by .

Truth be told, ‘one size fits all’ really doesn’t fit anybody – not very well, at least – especially when experiencing new forms of church. Over the next twelve months we invite you to journey with us in our attempt to capture to film what God is up to in Canada on our shift as […]